Choosing your wedding photographer | Wedding Tips

There are options for all tastes and budgets when it come to choosing your wedding photographer, but the key is to consider what result you are looking for and what types of photographs you would like to see within a few years.

Today we want to share with you some tips that will make choosing your wedding photographer as easy as it gets, and ensure you will have lasting memories from your wedding day forever.

Choosing your wedding photographer | Wedding Tips

It is important to choose a professional who captures your wedding exactly how you want to remember it. Your beautiful day, no doubt, will pass very quickly and the only lasting memories you will have are the photographs. Here are our best tips that will make choosing your wedding photographer much easier.

TIP # 1 Decide what style of photography you prefer

The most important thing you should consider when choosing your wedding photographer is their style. You don’t need to be an expert in photography. Simply take a good look at the portfolio and ask yourself the following question: “Do these images capture the day as you would like to remember your own wedding?” If the question is yes, then you’re on the right track!

Also, most professional photographers often describe their style, which can be a perfect way to get to know them and get a better idea about how they work and the vision they have. If the distance allows, you can also meet the photographer in person. In our case, a good substitute can be a Skype session, since many of our clients are international or destination clients from different parts of the world.

TIP # 2 Look beyond the priceChoosing your wedding photographer | Wedding tips

Perhaps one of the most important tips is that you do not choose your photographer just according to the price. It is one of the most common mistakes, because many times we forget to really value the work of the professionals. Although it is very tempting to try to save and hire a photographer who can offer you a complete package for a very low budget, remember that cheap can be expensive. If your budget allows, it is worth considering paying a little more for an experienced photographer, with a style that has fallen in love, and whom you can trust.

Beyond the price limitations, it is very important to consider the quality of the images, the general impression of their online presence (web page and portfolio, blog or social networks) and their communication abilities. These are things that can give a very good indication of the professionalism of the photographer that you want to hire!

Once past the wedding day, the photographs will be there for generations, as a single reminder of that day.

TIP # 3 Prioritise

Photography should be a priority. It is a good idea to make a budget plan for your wedding day and order everything in according to the priority. If necessary, you can always reduce the investment in things with less importance to you, and thus be able to invest more in what really matters for you.

Another option to stay within budget when choosing your wedding photographer is to ask your photographer about the option to buy an album later. Most of them should have no problem with that, and can make a significant difference in the budget.

TIP # 4 Book early

Remember that certain times of the year are more popular for weddings, and that professional photographers usually book between 10-12 months in advance, so it is best to contact them in advance. Once the date is set, contact the photographer of your choice to make sure they are still available for your date.

Choosing your wedding photographer | Wedding tips

Tip #5 Hire a photographer for less time

So you managed to go through choosing your wedding photographer and found the photographer of your dreams. But you realise that you simply can’t fit their price into your budget. What next?

We might have a solution! Rather than looking for a cheaper and less experienced photographer, hire them for less time. For example, consider having your professional photographer arrive after you are your hair and make-up are done, or having them stay only until you cut the cake, rather than until the end of the party. This could dramatically reduce the cost of your photography and you will still be able to enjoy gorgeous photographs!

Planning your entire wedding in one location can also dramatically help reduce costs and from our experience, it’s also less stressful! Hiring a wedding venue which also provides rooms for getting ready, a space for the ceremony as well as a ballroom is a great idea and it will help you cut off travel time in between locations, and therefore you will be able to require less time from your photographer.

TIP # 6 Trust your intuition

A good connection is imperative to choosing your wedding photographer. It is the professional who accompanies you on the most important day of your life and therefore has to be someone whom you trust completely and feel comfortable with.

We think that good communication is vital to our work because it will have a great impact on the final result and the images that we will deliver. Therefore, the last advice we can give you is to trust your intuition, and choose the photographer whose work, but also personality and abilities of communicating you have fallen in love, even if it is not the closest or the most economical option. It will be the best investment in your memories, to cherish forever.