Destination Wedding Photographer Portugal
Destination Wedding Photographer Portugal



Founded in 2009, Rox and San use their artistic vision and background in fine art to create timeless imagery for couples who desire long lasting memories of their wedding day. They believe in the beauty of simplicity and in finding perfection in the imperfect.

They are driven by the freedom to create a connection and to tell your story through their photographs in a magical, raw and intentional way.  

Their photographic work is focused on capturing intimate weddings and elopements throughout Spain, Portugal and beyond. They specialise in events that were crafted according to the vision of the bride and groom, with an elegant aesthetic and a focus on a heartfelt experience.

With a love for organic, non-traditional weddings, carefully planned with a fine art approach and filled with meaningful details, they aim to create clean and vibrant images, that will reflect emotion and all the beautiful details. They find inspiration in romantic and enthusiastic couples around the world, who care deeply about their unique celebration and believe in the beauty of the ephemeral captured on film. 

Rox and San is a perfectly coordinated team, to create a unique and complete story of your day, as a result of their strengths and vision. Passionate about delicate details, artful compositions and always in search for the right balance between the genuine and the curated, Rox will pay close attention to the styling and final outcome of the imagery shot on your day. A skilled photographer and lover of the real and authentic, San's artistic vision will add depth to your wedding photographs, as he captures the most genuine portraits, honest details and that sparkle in your eyes. 

They will document your day in the most subtle aesthetic with an editorial and fine art approach, while still reflecting your personality.

Their preferred medium is film photography, a process that perfectly compliments slow paced and intimate events. As film photographers they take the time to observe, analyse and occasionally direct the happenings on your wedding day..  Film allows them to capture images that are delicate, romantic, and full of substance. Outstanding images, which will be with you as family heirlooms long after.